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Monday, November 14, 2011

The Theater from Matinee

The John Goodman film Matinee (1993) takes place mostly in and around The Strand Theater in Key West Florida.

Many websites assume that it's the actual Strand Theater in Key West:

However, nothing matches up.

I checked the credits for the film to see where else the film could have been shot. Along with Key West, they shot in Cocoa... where the Historic Cocoa Village Playhouse still operates today:

This is clearly where the exteriors were filmed. The seating chart and the few interior photos online seem to indicate that the interiors were shot here as well. Maybe one day I will go to Cocoa and check... hopefully they are showing Mant!

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Located at 300 Brevard Avenue, Cocoa, FL 32922


  1. I grew up in South Florida and made frequent trips down to Key West. When I discovered Matinee, and it became one of my favorite films, I was curious about The Strand. I knew from reading online that the original Strand wasn't used, but I still wanted to see the original for myself. And then discovered it was being turned into a Walgreens. Sad.

    Then, years later, I met my wife and she grew up in Melbourne, not too far from where the Cocoa Villiage Playhouse is. She told me that Matinee was filmed there, and we ended up going to a live show there. Very nice theatre. Definitely not the same inside as what was seen in the movie, but a lovely theatre nonetheless.