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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The house from The Stupids

The Stupids is about the silliest film I have ever seen. But I like it.Any film with a cameo from Captain Kangaroo can't be all bad.

On the Wikipedia page it mentions the location of the house:

Here is how the house looks in the film:

Checking out Google Earth proves Wikipedia correct. There is the house with its fancy wood trim and weather vane over the garage. It's clearly the cutest house on the block.

I am concerned by the dumpster in the driveway. I can imagine some pieces of movie history may be in that bin.

I don't know if the interiors of the house were used, but the pool was. Here is the Google Earth picture:

Here is a shot from the film where you can see the CGI cat that The Stupids owned:

The Stupids' house is located at 55 Quaker Village Drive, Uxbridge, Ontario.

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Here is the entire film via YouTube:

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