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Friday, February 17, 2012

The "My Name is Earl" motel

5 years ago I visited the motel from "My Name is Earl".

I arrived at the motel October 23, 2007 and I was stunned to find a camera crew setting up to shoot My Name Is Earl.

I drove by the motel a bunch of times and tried to sneak a few photos:

The next day I returned to find that the film crew was gone. Here are some photos I was able to take:

This first one shows the pool, which is often showcased in the show. I remember hearing on the DVD commentary track that they have to "muddy" the water in the pool with some dye so the pool looks extra dirty.

That doesn't explain the set of toilets next to the pool. I wonder if they ALWAYS have toilets by the pool. That would be rather convenient.

It is located at 8424 Sepulveda Boulevard, North Hills, Los Angeles, California.

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